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An Evangelistic, Funeral Sermon:
Death From Sin, But Eternal Life From Christ

October 1, 2007

By Greg Gibson Intro. How I knew the deceased: 3 stories. My family and friends, why does there have to be death? Why funerals? Why can’t we live forever, instead of only 75 years avg.? Way back ~3400 years ago, Moses wrote in the Psalms: “The length of our life is 70 years or 80, […]

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“The Free Gift”

September 19, 2007

How Canada’s Most Famous, Former-Roman Catholic Priest Finally Found Peace and Joy By Charles Chiniquy I was born and baptized a Roman Catholic in 1809, and I was ordained priest in the year 1833, in Canada. For 25 years I was a priest of that Church. And, I tell you frankly that I loved the […]

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