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Penal Substitution and Isaiah 53 (Sermon Notes)

January 5, 2009

Penal Substitution and Isaiah 53 (Sermon Notes) “Jesus Carried Our Sins” (Isaiah 52:13 – 53:12) By Greg Gibson Problem: God’s justice must punish us, but His love desired to forgive us. Solution: Penal substitution (substitutionary atonement) by God Himself paying our penalty. Only the God-man, Jesus, could qualify as the substitute. Animal sacrifices couldn’t take […]

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“Why Limited Atonement Is Not Part of the Gospel”

March 3, 2007

By Greg Gibson (The following is an edited post I made to an email list.) The question of the relationship between the gospel and Limited Atonement (a.k.a. “definite atonement” or “particular redemption”) arose when a brother linked to an article titled “Ernest Reisinger on the Importance of the Doctrine of Limited Atonement to Gospel Proclamation.” […]

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