By Greg Gibson

Have you ever searched for THE key to Christian growth? Here are a couple of helpful excerpts from an article “Sanctification and the Nature of the Gospel” by William Evans…

“According to Tchividjian and others, the heart of the gospel is the message of justification by grace through faith, and everything else is extracted from this center (GG: But most of the gospel messages in Acts omit justification. So did the apostles omit ‘the heart of the gospel?’)…The fact of the matter is that the heart of the gospel is not justification. Nor is it sanctification.”

“It is Jesus Christ himself, who is ‘our wisdom and our righteousness and sanctification and redemption’ (1 Corinthians 1:30). The Apostle Paul came preaching ‘Christ crucified’ (1 Corinthians 1:23) and more often than not he directed Christians, not to their own justification, but to the crucified and risen Christ in whom they are both justified and sanctified…”

“Over the years we have seen a number of Protestant quests for the ‘silver bullet’ of sanctification. The holiness writers told us that if we can somehow attain to that second work of grace all will be well. The Keswick authors argued that if we just ‘let go and let God have his wonderful way, our doubts will all vanish, our night turn to day.’ The problem here was twofold–these proposals were unbiblical and they didn’t work–and Reformed theologians of an earlier generation were right to cry foul.”

“Now some would have us believe that if we just really get the doctrine of justification then sanctification will inevitably ensue. The biblical picture of sanctification, however, is much more comprehensive…” Sanctification and the Nature of the Gospel by William Evans

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