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Simplistic Sanctification: No Single Key

August 13, 2011

By Greg Gibson Have you ever searched for THE key to Christian growth? Here are a couple of helpful excerpts from an article “Sanctification and the Nature of the Gospel” by William Evans… “According to Tchividjian and others, the heart of the gospel is the message of justification by grace through faith, and everything else […]

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“Our Identity Comes From the Gospel”

April 19, 2008

By Greg Gibson Brian Hedges at Light and Heat blog posted about Gospel-centered ministry and fellowship. I especially appreciated his 4th point… (4) We (especially church leaders, but this applies to followers as well) must learn to build our identity around Christ and the gospel, not around secondary doctrines or issues. What kind of Christian […]

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“Why Limited Atonement Is Not Part of the Gospel”

March 3, 2007

By Greg Gibson (The following is an edited post I made to an email list.) The question of the relationship between the gospel and Limited Atonement (a.k.a. “definite atonement” or “particular redemption”) arose when a brother linked to an article titled “Ernest Reisinger on the Importance of the Doctrine of Limited Atonement to Gospel Proclamation.” […]

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