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“Did the Holy Spirit Replace the Law?”

October 6, 2008

By Greg Gibson Did the Holy Spirit replace the law of Moses? Some Christians have concluded that based on Gal. 5:18 and Rom. 7:6. (Yet, perhaps a better term to describe the relationship between the law of Moses and the Spirit is “contrast” instead of “replace.”) So, does the Spirit contrast the law of Moses? […]

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“Does New Covenant Theology Allow Beastiality and Incest?”

August 30, 2007

By Greg Gibson One of the hottest arguments against New Covenant Theology (NCT) in blogs/forums goes something like this: “Since the New Testament doesn’t explicitly state that beastiality and incest are sins, therefore New Covenant Theology can’t be true.” (Just try to follow the “logic” behind that one!) (Covenant Theologians might hurl that kind of […]

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Old Testament Commands Quoted in the New Testament Have Been Transferred

December 4, 2006

By Greg Gibson Perhaps someone will raise the objection to New Covenant Theology, “How can all Old Testament commands be cancelled, when some of them are quoted in the New Testament?” But, their assumption is that quotation = continuation. There’s another possibility… Old Testament commands quoted in the New Testament have been transferred, reinstated, and […]

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