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“ALL Old Covenant or Old Testament Laws Cancelled?”

October 6, 2008

By Greg Gibson Most Christians believe that the Sabbath command is cancelled. And, some believe that all Old Covenant laws are cancelled, including the whole Decalogue. So, why do I believe that all Old Testament laws are cancelled? In my book “ALL Old Testament Laws Cancelled” I devoted 3 chapters to explaining why the laws […]

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“Everything the New Testament Says About the Whole Decalogue”

October 2, 2008

(The following is a free excerpt from the book “ALL Old Testament Laws Cancelled” by Greg Gibson) Only 3 Passages, All Negative As we saw above, the Holy Spirit never uses the names “Ten Commandments” or “moral law” in the New Testament. As a matter of fact, there are only 3 New Testament passages that […]

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New Covenant Theology Book Ready

September 29, 2008

By Greg Gibson Did you enjoy reading the 3, free chapters last week from my new book “ALL Old Testament Laws Cancelled”? If so, that was only the tip of the iceberg. The book includes 25 more chapters to help you make sense of God’s law in redemptive history. And, if you’ve been waiting to […]

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New Covenant Theology Book Excerpts

September 19, 2008

By Greg Gibson How would you like to read 3, free chapters from my new book: “ALL Old Testament Laws Cancelled” 24 Reasons Why All Old Testament Laws Are Cancelled And All New Testament Laws Are for Our Obedience (BTW, I’ve edited and expanded this book from the previous e-book by adding 7 new charts […]

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Old Testament Commands Quoted in the New Testament Have Been Transferred

December 4, 2006

By Greg Gibson Perhaps someone will raise the objection to New Covenant Theology, “How can all Old Testament commands be cancelled, when some of them are quoted in the New Testament?” But, their assumption is that quotation = continuation. There’s another possibility… Old Testament commands quoted in the New Testament have been transferred, reinstated, and […]

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