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New Covenant Theology Interview: Hermeneutic, System, and Questions

April 15, 2010

By Greg Gibson Here is a brief 7 minute and 20 second audio/podcast interview I did on New Covenant Theology. (Thanks to Uri Brito for providing the audio. Below are my edited notes from the interview… ———- New Covenant Theology is a hermeneutic that results in a system. First we will define the hermeneutic, then […]

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Reformed Covenant Theology’s Inconsistent Hermeneutic

March 1, 2010

(Due to computer problems, I will not publish the Best Blogs Digest for Feb. Please check back in March.) By Greg Gibson Here’s some good news in Reformed Covenant Theology circles. Dr. Gary Crampton, seminary professor and author, has changed his view from paedobaptism to credobaptism. Praise God for Gary’s willingness to follow Christ wherever […]

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“ALL Old Covenant or Old Testament Laws Cancelled?”

October 6, 2008

By Greg Gibson Most Christians believe that the Sabbath command is cancelled. And, some believe that all Old Covenant laws are cancelled, including the whole Decalogue. So, why do I believe that all Old Testament laws are cancelled? In my book “ALL Old Testament Laws Cancelled” I devoted 3 chapters to explaining why the laws […]

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