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“Born Again Into New Life With Christ” (Sermon Notes)

February 3, 2010

Intro: Why do so many converts fall away? Why are there so many hypocrites in churches? Because they were never really born again. Many people think born again Christians are no different than non-born again sinners. But they’re confused what it means to be born again. Jesus said to Nicodemus, a religious Pharisee, ‘”I tell […]

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An Evangelistic, Funeral Sermon:
Death From Sin, But Eternal Life From Christ

October 1, 2007

By Greg Gibson Intro. How I knew the deceased: 3 stories. My family and friends, why does there have to be death? Why funerals? Why can’t we live forever, instead of only 75 years avg.? Way back ~3400 years ago, Moses wrote in the Psalms: “The length of our life is 70 years or 80, […]

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