By Greg Gibson

This simple quiz is designed to help you know how well you are following Jesus Christ as your Teacher. (He is also our Priest and King.)

I have a personal confession to reveal…For the first 10 years of my Christian life, I followed Christ + men/a movement/a system. I over- esteemed them as “godly men,” until they became idols in my heart, rivaling my devotion to Christ. (Although, I thank God that He taught me many truths from them.)

Even now, I don’t claim infallibility, only teachability. So, if some of our answers differ below, then maybe together we can “search the Scriptures to see what is true.”

Now, examine yourself to see who you are following…

1. What is the Bible’s main message?

    A. God loves you, make a decision for Christ & ask Him into your heart.

    B. The Holy Spirit.

    C. Holiness.

    D. The doctrines of grace (Calvinism.)

    E. The gospel of (sovereign) grace (which must include the doctrines of grace.)

    F. The doctrine of the atonement, and the doctrine of the resurrection (systematic theology.)

    G. The gospel about Jesus Christ Himself, especially that: He lived, died, rose, ascended, and will return. Repent from your sins and believe on Him.

2. Who is my brother, and what is the ground of Christian fellowship?

    A. A sinner’s prayer.

    B. The _______ Confession of Faith.

    C. Regeneration.

3. Who is the greatest, and what is the measure of Christian maturity?

    A. The most zealous.

    B. Correct theology alone.

    C. Heart + doctrine + obedience.

4. Who gets the credit for your decision for Christ?

    A. The evangelist.

    B. You.

    C. God.

5. Who glorifies God more?

    A. A Calvinist full of hypocrisy, pride, and lying.

    B. An Arminian who is humble, godly, and obedient.

6. Why does the Lord entrust the conversion of His elect to a higher % of non-Calvinist evangelists than Calvinist evangelists? (This sad concession comes from a Calvinist. Most Calvinists testify they were saved through Arminian ministries, before understanding Calvinism later. So, why is God saving millions of sinners right now through non-Calvinist evangelists in persecuted countries like China and Vietnam?)

    A. They’re probably not real converts.

    B. The evangelists’ hearts.

7. Which theological system is true?

    A. All of Covenant theology.

    B. All of Traditional or Progressive Dispensationalism.

    C. Part of both A. and B., plus more (New Covenant Theology.)

8. Which movement is true?

    A. Anabaptist

    B. Reformed

    C. Puritanism

    D. Reformed Baptist

    E. Sovereign Grace Baptist

    F. Pentecostalism/Charismatic

    G. Fundamentalism

    H. Evangelicalism

    I. Church Growth/Seeker-Sensitive/Purpose Driven

    J. There is no perfect movement – only a perfect Savior. A better question to ask is, “How much of each movement is true?” All movements consist of imperfect individuals. If we don’t believe in individual perfectionism, then we shouldn’t believe in corporate perfectionism, right?

    All movements are passing fads, and mixtures of truth and error. Let’s learn from their strengths, while being aware of their weaknesses. Christ and the apostles started only one movement in the first century, for all believers, for all time: The Church. Do you love His Church (all who are regenerate) like He does?

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